Menerjemahkan Idiom, Alih Bahasa dengan Rasa
Pengenalan penerjemahan fiksi secara umum serta latihan menerjemahkan dan memahami idiom.

Waktu: Minggu, 11 Desember 2016, pukul 10.00-12.00 WIB
Lokasi: Museum Nasional, Jakarta
Mentor: Barokah Ruziati, Dina Begum, Eka Budiarti, Lulu Fitri Rahman, Meggy Soedjatmiko, Melody Violine.















1 Nice move. You just threw away a perfectly good weapon. You’re like a troll who ate his own leg. Now you can’t run. Kau seperti troll yang makan kaki sendiri.

like a troll who eats his own leg = melakukan tindakan bodoh yang merugikan diri sendiri. (Ini idiom karangan si penulis, jadi terjemahannya harus literal demi mempertahankan kreasi penulis. Konteksnya jelas, dan troll terkenal karena kebodohannya)

2 Dani waited for her large nonfat latte at the crowded Daily Grind across the street from the downtown Nordstrom.This had always been her favorite of Daily Grinds—probably because it was the first one her brother had opened. Now there were Daily Grinds all over the West Coast. The company was expanding and giving Starbucks a run for its money. Perusahaan ini berkembang dan bersaing ketat dengan Starbucks.

give somebody a run for their money = to compete very strongly against someone who is expected to win a competition.

3 “Yes.” She blinked rapidly, trying to stop any other tears. “He once robbed a liquor store and was already an ex-con, so I guess I should’ve known I couldn’t trust him.”

Rod reached across the table to take her hand. He didn’t speak. His fingers just toyed with hers until she could overcome her emotions. Then he let go. “Hindsight is always 20/20,” he said. “Ignore anyone who doesn’t believe you. You will get past what happened. Eventually.”

Penyesalan selalu datang belakangan.

20-20 hindsight = perfect understanding of an event after it has happened;

4 Simon had tried cheering me up, but that only brought me down all the more. I didn’t want to need to be cheered. I wanted to roll with the punches, bounce back smiling. Aku ingin menjadi orang yang tahan banting, dan bangkit kembali sambil tersenyum.

roll with the punches = to adjust to difficult events as they happen (idiom berasal dari olahraga tinju).

5 “I’m not ‘back’ with them,” I said. “I’m helping them out. It’s one time only.”

“One time! Pull the other one! Give it five minutes and you’ll be back sleeping in your cramped little attic at Lockwood’s, snuggling up with that Holly Munro. I bet she uses your room now.”

Aku tidak percaya!
Kau bercanda!
Memangnya aku tolol?pull the other one (disingkat dari ‘pull the other one, it’s got bells on) = tidak percaya pada pernyataan seseorang.
6 He took out a handkerchief and wiped sweat from his face. He glanced at Jared and then, curiously at the key. “That is an amazing device. If we had had any idea it existed, we would have moved heaven and earth to find it.” Kalau saja tahu benda itu ada, kami akan berbuat apa pun untuk mencarinya.

move heaven and earth = to do everything you can to achieve something.

7 “Here’s what I promised you. I’m tempted to call Jenny myself and say, ‘You’ll never believe who is in my class,’” he said, beaming. “But I want you to have the joy of surprise. Just, if you don’t mind, let me know when you do so I won’t spill the beans.” Kalau kau tidak keberatan, kasih tahu saja kapan kau akan melakukannya, jadi aku tak akan membongkar rahasia.

spill the beans =  to give away a secret or a surprise.

8 Two days later Tim let Walker and Elissa into Gloria’s house. Walker’s expression was as unreadable as usual, but Elissa looked ready to jump out of her skin. Ekspresi Walker seperti biasanya tidak terbaca, tapi Elissa tampak sangat ketakutan.

jump out of one’s skin = be extremely startled or frightened.

9 For the last year the apartment has been rented to four men in their twenties. All four appear very secular. Clean-shaven, short hair, well dressed. Locally the four young men are taken to be minor playboys. Possibly related to distant branches of rich and prominent families. Sowing their wild oats before coming home. Berhura-hura sebelum pulang ke rumah.

sow one’s wild oats = to do wild and foolish things in one’s youth.

10 I stumbled at last into the foyer. A row of neat receptionists, each one more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than the next, regarded me with identical bland smiles. Sebarisan resepsionis, semakin ke ujung semakin cerah dan ceria, menatapku dengan senyum simpul seragam.

bright-eyed and bushy-tailed = ceria, berasal dari deskripsi tupai bermata cerah dan berekor panjang.

11 She knew that Finn had been orphaned as a baby and had grown up in the gang of filthy urchins. It would have been a tooth-and-nail struggle to eat and survive in that ferocious rabble. Maybe that was why he looked so alarmed. Perlu perjuangan keras demi bisa makan dan bertahan hidup dalam gerombolan pengacau buas itu.

fight tooth and nail = engage in vigorous combat or make a strenuous effort, using all one’s resources..

12 You’re the one who needs to fix this. If you make the bed, you have to sleep on it. Siapa menabur angin akan menuai badai.
Jangan lempar batu sembunyi tangan.if you make the bed, you have to sleep on it = salah sendiri. Konteksnya adalah seseorang yg melakukan sesuatu dengan konsekuensi harus ditanggung sendiri.
13 “You’ll like the crew. They work hard, they’re on time, they’re perfect at their jobs, or they’re fired.” Perfect? Who could guarantee perfection on a regular basis? Siapa yang bisa menjamin kesempurnaan terus-menerus?

on a regular basis = quite often and/or in a consistent, regular manner.

14 “Don’t worry,” she assured him. “I’m your best friend, and when the time comes I’ll take a hand in choosing your wife. I will line up the candidates, put them through a series of tests and mark them one to ten.” Aku sahabatmu, dan ketika saatnya tiba, aku akan membantumu memilih istri.

take a hand in something = to help with something; to participate in something.

15 That crash I heard? The collision of clichés. One: never look a gift horse in the mouth. Two: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I’d been lied to and misled often enough in the last few days that I wasn’t just questioning this horse’s dental health—I was examining him from nose to tail. Kenapa terdengar dentum di kepalaku? Gara-gara benturan dua klise. Satu: kalau diberi hati, jangan minta jantung pula. Kedua, kalau apa yang diberikan kepadamu kedengarannya terlalu muluk, ya mungkin memang terlalu muluk. Aku sudah cukup sering dibohongi dan ditipu dalam beberapa hari terakhir ini sehingga aku tidak sekadar meragukan hati dan jantung itu sehat atau tidak—aku memeriksa semua organ tubuh lainnya juga.

never look a gift horse in the mouth = Saat menerima hadiah, bersyukurlah; jangan mengharapkan lebih banyak dengan memeriksa nilai hadiah itu (serakah).

16 I wanted you to know how different things are with me since you were here. Not all the ghosts have been laid to rest, but the worst of them leave me in peace now. I sleep at night, and when I awake I confront the day ahead without despair. Tak semua kecemasan bisa lenyap, tapi yang terburuk sudah tidak lagi menggangguku.

lay the ghost of something/somebody (to rest) = to finally stop being worried or upset by something or someone that has worried or upset you for a long time.

17 Darkness came early, bringing the lights on in the mediaeval streets. Almost of their own accord her steps turned to the Ponte Vecchio, the magnificent bridge over the River Arno that she had seen at a distance the night before. It was lined with shops on both sides, and she strolled past them until she reached a shop at the end that sold not jewels but padlocks. Hampir seperti tanpa diperintahkan, langkah Alysa berbelok menuju Ponte Vecchio.

of one’s own accord = by one’s own choice, without coercion.

18 Germany had bombed Britain, and Britain had bombed back, and had gotten pretty good at it. In 1943 they had started a firestorm that all but wiped Hamburg out. Flames a thousand feet high, temperatures of a thousand degrees, the air on fire, the roads on fire, rivers and canals boiling. Forty thousand dead in one raid. Britain had lost sixty thousand in the whole war. They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind. Hosea, one of the twelve minor prophets, but dead on the money in that case. Siapa yang menabur angin akan menuai badai.
Orang yang melakukan sesuatu akan menerima akibat perbuatannya.they that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind = Ungkapan ini terdapat dalam Kitab Hosea 8:7
19 “Are you in a rush?” Art asks, looking quizzically at Bosco, who suddenly seems fidgety. “The trouble with being punctual is that there ’s nobody there to see it,” Art says, and everyone laughs. “As I should know, waiting for this girl all the time.”

“No,” I disagree. “Punctual is acting or arriving exactly at the time appointed. You’re not punctual; you’re always ridiculously early.”

The early bird catches the worm,” Art defends himself.

“Siapa cepat dia dapat,” Art membela diri.

early bird catches the worm = one who arrives first has the best chance for success

20 Half a loaf’s better than no bread, and the same remark holds good with crumbs. There’s a few. Annuity of one hundred pound premium also ready to be made over. If there is a man chock full of science in the world, it’s old Sol Gills. If there is a lad of promise—one flowing,” added the Captain, in one of his happy quotations, “with milk and honey—it’s his nevy!” Setengah piring nasi lebih baik daripada tidak ada nasi, juga sama halnya dengan beberapa sendok nasi (dengan lokalisasi).

half a loaf’s better than no bread = Situasi ketika kita harus menerima lebih sedikit daripada yang kita harapkan.