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* Recipes for a Perfect Marriage by Kate Kerrigan

Four more chapters and I’m done. Pheww. I like this book a lot, really. If there is anything or anyone I don’t like here it’s Tressa Nolan, one of the main voices in this book. She is too insecure, too fussy and superficial for my taste. I gritted my teeth when translating those chapters about her. She stalled me, unlike her grandmother, Bernadine. My fingers practically “flew” on the keyboards when translating her stories. Good old Bernadine, she’s one woman I could relate to. A lovable social butterfly in her time, strong, not without faults, of course, but a lot more admirable than her granddaughter. And many of her remarks made me laugh.
Well, these last four are about Tressa, clearly. Maybe I can finish them in…umm… say, two weeks? (Grimace)

And oh, by the way, here is one of my…

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