47. Interworld

I enjoyed translating this book. I didn’t find any annoying characters, the story is easy to chew – Tanti Lesmana

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*InterWorldby Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves

I’m going to finish the last ten pages tomorrow. Meanwhile, here’s a brief summary about this book. Basically it’s a battle of power between worlds. HEX and Binary are two powerful forces in the Multiverse, and both are determined to be the one and only ruler of all. While HEX relies on magic, Binary depends on science. Interworld is some sort of guerilla forces, an unwanted mediator who tries, in vain, to enlighten both warring parties that peace and harmony can only be achieved when there is balance between science and magic. The protagonist, Joey Harker, is an ordinary kid who turns out to be not so ordinary after all, because he posseses the ability to Walk between worlds, a talent that he finds out quite unexpectedly one day, when he Walks into the In-Between unknowingly and meets Jay, a field officer…

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