Word counts for all files in a folder

Thoughts On Translation

This is a small tip, but so exciting that I couldn’t resist sharing (nerd alert…). You probably have a feature-rich word-counting tool, or a TM tool that does complicated word counts. But let’s say that you want to do a quick-and-dirty word count of a bunch of files without opening them one by one. Like say this morning, a client e-mailed me 23 Word files and said “Don’t sink a whole lot of time into this, but roughly how long and how much?”…that kind of thing. Here’s your solution, at least in Windows:

  • In Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder
  • Right-click in the folder window, and select View, then Details
  • Right-click on any of the column headers in the folder window, for example “Name,” “Date modified,” etc.
  • Click “More”
  • Tick the “Word count” box in the list of options (visual aid below)


This will add a “Word count” column to…

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